What can I do for you?

For me, photography is about taking my camera to my client, not asking my client to come to me.

Relaxed pictures of people at home and or about, doing things they enjoy, are what it’s all about.  I am a memory catcher, and I believe in saving memories. I believe that every day is a gift. I believe that everyone deserves beautiful prints that can be displayed proudly in their home. I believe that if you let these moments slip away, and never hire a professional, that you will some day regret it. I know this from personal experiences.

I want to be the person who captures your memories. I want to work with you and share your visions. I see the world in photographs and see opportunities for a photo to happen. I work hard, I am generous with my time and my work doesn’t end with the click of the camera. My work ends when there’s a happy mom, a bride, or a newly engaged couple looking at their photos in awe.